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In lithography, deterioratioin of part of image area on the plate during printing.
(Wide Area Network) Any internet or network that covers an area larger than a single building or campus.  A collection of disparate, widely located and geographically isolated networks, connected by private or public communication lines.
Warm Color:
In printing, a color with a yellowish or reddish cast.
The process of cleaning the rollers, form or plate, and sometimes the ink fountain of a printing press.
See Matrix.
Waterless Plate:
Printing plate with silicone rubber coating in non-image areas that is printed on an offset press without dampening solution.
Waterless Printing:
In offset, printing on a press using special waterless plates and no dampening system.
Design, pattern, or symbol impressed in paper while it is being formed on the wet end of a paper machine.  Appears as a lighter or darker area when paper is held up to light.  Usually created from an intricate wire design attatched to a dandy roll, modifying opacity where it contacts the wet paper.
Continuous roll of stock as opposed to sheets which can be fed through a printing press or converter.
Web Press:
A press that prints on roll- or web-fed paper.
Web Tension:
The amount of pull applied in the direction of travel of a web of paper by the action of a web press.
In composition, a single word in a line by itself, ending a paragraph, or staring a page, frowned upon in good typography.
Wipe-on Plate:
In offset-lithography, a plate on which a light-sensitive coating is wiped on or applied with a coating machine.
Wire-o Binding:
A continuos double series of wire loops run through punched slots along the binding side of a booklet.
Wire Side:
In papermaking, the side of a sheet next to the wire in manufacturing; opposite from felt or top side.
With the Grain:
Folding or feeding paper into a press parallel to the grain of the paper.
An illustration in lines of varying thickness, cut in relief on plank-grain wood, for the purpose of making prints.
Word Processor:
A typewriter connected to a computerized recording medium to input, edit and output data.
To print one side of a sheet of paper, then turn it over from gripper to back using the same side guide and plate to print the second side.
To print one side of  a sheet of paper, then turn it over form left to right and print the second side using the same gripper and plate but opposite side guide.
(Write Once Read Many Times) A type of optical memory device.
Wound In:

Where the labelson a roll are wound on the inside of the core. The labels face the inside of the core.
Wound Out:
Where the labels on a roll are wound on the outside of the core. The labels face the outside of the core.
Wove Paper:
Paper having a uniform unlined surface and a soft, smooth finish.
Wraparound Plate:
In rotary letterpress, a thin one-piece relief plate that is wrapped around the press cylinder like an offset plate.  Can be used for direct or indirect (offset) printing.
Creases in paper occurring during printing.  In inks, the uneven surface formed during drying.
Wrong Font:
In proofreading, the "WF" indicates a letter or figure the wrong size or face.
(World Wide Web) The highly interconnected network of hypertext servers (HTTP servers) that allow text, graphics, sound and video files to be displayed.
(What You See Is What You Get) Means that what you seeon the computer monitor is generally the same as what appears on the hard copy film.  Pronounced "wizzywig".
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