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An approach in drawing and layout programs that treats graphics as line and arc segments rather that individual dots.  Also called vector-oriented.
A booklet or catalog bound on the shorter dimension.
(Optical Character Recognition) An electronic means of scanning (reading) copy and converting the scanned image to an electronic equivalent.  The ability to "read" printed text (characters) and convert it to digitized files that can be saved on disk and edited as a text file.
Off Loading:
Relieving the intensive amount of data processing associated with a specific application (i.e., graphics) from the CPU, by performing those calculations in a dedicated or specialized processor.
Off-press Proofs:
Proofs made by photomechanical or digital means in less time and at lower cost than press proofs.
See set-off.  In printing, the process of using an intermediate blanket cylinder to transfer an image from the image carrier to the substrate.  Short for offset lithography.
Offset Gravure:
Printing gravure by the offset principle.  Generally done on a flexographic press by converting the anilox roller to a gravure image cylinder and covering the plate cylinder with a solid rubber plate.
Offset Lithography:
(Potolithography, offset) The most common form of lithographic printing in which the image area and the non-image area exist on the same plane (plate), separated by chemical repulsion.  To print, the ink is "offset" (transferred) from the plate onto a rubber blanket and then to the paper.
Offset Printing:

A high quality and most popular general method of printing involving the transfer of a right read image to a blanket, and then from the blanket to the substrate. The name is derived because unlike flexography the plate does not touch the substrate. All of our laser products are printed via offset as well as American Single Sheets and In-Color Graphics.
The partial transference of ink from a freshly printed surface to an adjacent surface. This condition is fought by ink dryers or slip-sheeting.
Oil receptive.
Oil repellant.
If you are using a modem to connect your computer, through your telephone, to another computer and modem, you are online.

The unwanted flow of adhesive from under a label. See Cold Flow.- The unwanted flow of adhesive from under a label. See Cold Flow.
The measure of the amount of light that can pass through a material. See Adhesive, Opaque.
In photoengraving and offset lithography, to paint out areas on a negative not wanted on the plate.  In paper, the property that makes it less transparent.
Opaque Ink:
An ink that conceals all color beneath it.
Operating System:
The essential software that directs the flow of information to and from the different components of a computer system.
(Open Prepress Interface) An extension to PostScript that automatically replaces low-resolution placeholder images with high-resolution images.
Optical Disk:
A type of recently developed high capacity computer storage disk that stores information in a mode similar to a CD-ROM but is erasable and reusable.
Photographic surfaces insecsitive to red but sensitive to ultraviolet, blue, green and yellow rays.
Overhang Cover:
A cover larger in size than the pages it encloses.
A finished product formed by bonding two or more materials during converting. This is often a clear material put over the label face usually to protect the face from the environment it is used in.
Double printing; printing over an area that already has been printed.
In printing, copies printed in excess of the specified quantity.
In composition, type set in excess of space needs.
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