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(International Color Consortium) A group working to establish a "color profile format" for the exchange of information between color management systems.
Image Assembly:
See stripping.
In digital imaging, a generic term that applies to film-output devices for type and graphics.  The difference between an imagesetter and a typesetter is in the format of the data that has been converted from discrete-character raster lines to raster data, using bitmaps.
Impact Printing:
A printing method associated with EDP labels that incorporates a hammer striking a ribbon to transfer ink onto a material. Examples are dot matrix printers and even typewriters. Impact printing is necessary to activate the encapsulated ink in our stock P1-35DP, P1-35D and P4-3287D.
In image assembly,  the positioning of pages on a signature so that after printing, folding and cutting, all pages will appear in the proper sequence.
In printing, the cylinder on a printing press against which the paper picks up the impression from the inked plate in direct printing, or blanket in offset printing.
Impression Cylinder:
In printing, the cylinder on a printing press against which the paper picks up the impression from the inked plate in direct printing, or the blanket in offset printing.
Ink Fountain:
In printing presses, the device that stores and supplies ink to the inking rollers.
Ink Jet Printing:
A non-impact printing method whereby fluid ink is projected from a nozzle directly onto a material to form a desired image.
Ink Mist:
Flying filaments or threads formed by long inks like newspaper ink.
An instrument for measuring the tack of printing inks.
A printed piece prepared for insertion into a publication or another printed piece.
Ink Side In:

Where the ink on a thermal roll is on the inside. The ink side of the roll faces the inside of the core.
Ink Side Out:
Where the ink on a thermal roll is on the outside. The ink side of the roll faces the outside of the core.
ne of the three major divisions of printing (see also letterpress and offset lithography) in which the ink is carried below the printing surface in small wells or lines etched or scribed into a metal plate.  The surface of the plate is wiped clean so that the non-image areas carry no ink.
A network of networks that links workstations over telecommunication lines to share files and exchange e-mail internationally.
Ion Deposition Printing:
See Laser Printing.
Abbreviation for infrared radiation above 700 nm.
Abbreviation for Internet Service Provider.
Acronym for Information Technology.
The style of letters that slant, in distinction from upright, or Roman, letters.  Used for emphasis within the text.
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