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Hairline Register:
Register within + or - 1/2 row of dots.
Hairline Rule:
The thinnest line possible to print by an output device.
In photography, a blurred effect, resembling a halo, usually occuring in highlight areas or around bright objects.
Half-web Press:
Web offset press that measures 173/4" by 26".
A method of screening a continuous tone image (photograph) for printing or reproduction. A series of black dots large and small are arranged so as to give the effect of black, gray and white areas. Halftones are readily visible in a newspaper photo.
Halftone Gravure:
Production of gravure cylinders using halftone prints.
Hard Copy:
The permanent visual record of the output of a computer or printer.  Also, the material sent to a typesetter in typed form, for conversion into typeset material.
Hard Drive:
A set of circular, flat, platter-shaped pieces of metal, each with a special coating of magnetic particles that is capable of storing electronically created data.  You can think of your hard drive as a filing cabinet within and for your computer.
Hard Proof:
A proof on paper or other substrate, as distinguished from a soft proof, which is am image on a VDT screen.
Computer and peripherals as distinguished from software, which is a program for operating hardware.
Head Margin:
The white space above first line on a page.
Helium-Neon red laser with wave length of 632nm.
In offset lithography, spots or imperfections in the printing due to such things as dirt on the press, dried ink skin, paper particles, etc.
High Contrast:
In photography, a reproduction with high gamma in which the difference in darkness (density) between neighboring areas is greater than in the original.
The lightest or whitest parts in a photograph represented in a halftone reproduction by the smallest dots or the abscence of dots.
In printing, a property of coated paper with low ink absorption that allows ink to set on the surface with high glass.  Papers with too much holdout cause problems with set-off.
Horizontal Space:
The space left to right created by removed labels in a die cut.
A computer with a direct connection to the internet, usually a permanent connection, but loosely used for those that dial in direct, too.
Acronym for hue, saturation and value (or brilliance or luminance) - a color space used in some graphic programs.
(Hypertext Markup Language) In imaging for the World Wide Web, the coding language that is used to create Hypertext documents.
In color, the main attribute of a color that distinguishes it from other colors.
A word, illustration, graphic or photo that you click on to be "linked" to other related documents on the Internet.
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