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Galley Proof:
A proof of text copy before being made into pages.
A measure of contrast in photographic images.
In binding, the assembling of folded signatures in proper sequence.
(Gray Component Replacement) The removal of equal amounts of cyan, magenta, and yellow in gray areas of a 4-color halftone, and replacement of these colors with a higher proportion of black.  This produces a clearer, less muddy effect.
Gear Streaks:
In printing, parallel streaks appearing across the printed sheet at the same interval as gear teeth on the cylinder.
Each succeeding stage in reproduction from the original copy.
Indistinct image patterns appearing as solids or reverse printing, typically caused by poor ink distribution, inconsistency in plate and/or substrate thickness. This is also referred to as shadows.
(GB) One billion bytes.
The property of a face material to have a mirror like finish or high shine.
Goldenrod Paper:
In offset lithography, a specially coated masking paper of yellow or orange color used by strippers to assemble and position negatives for exposure on plates.
A smooth transition between two different colors or densities.
In papermaking, the direction in which most fibers lay that corresponds with the direction the paper is made on a paper machine.
A term in metric system for expressing the basis weight of paper.  It is the weight in grams of a square meter of the paper expresses in g/m2.
An intaglio printing process in which the image area is etched below the surface of the printing plate and is transferred directly to the paper by means of pressure.
Gray Balance:
The dot values or densities of cyan, magenta, and yellow that produce neutral gray.
Gray Level:
The number of gray values that can be distinguished by a color separation filter - usually 256.
Gray Scale:
A strip of standard gray tones, ranging from white to black, placed at the side of original copy during photography to measure tonal range and contrast (gamma) obtained.
Gray Scale Image:
An image whose gray values run throughout the gray scale.  The range of the gray values is determined by the number of bits that define the image.
To indicate type by substituting rules, gray lines or nonsensical characters for actual letters.
Gripper Edge:
The leading edge of paper as it passes through a printing press.  Also, the front edge of a lithograpic or wraparound plate that is secured to the front clamp of a plate cylinder.
Gripper Margin:
Unprintable blank edge of paper on which grippers bear, usually 1/2" or less.
In sheetfed printing presses, metal fingers that clamp on paper and control its flow as it passes through.
Groundwood Pulp:
A mechanically prepared wood pulp used in the manufacture of newsprint and publication papers.
(Graphical User Interface) Pronounced "gooey".  In digital imaging, a technical term for a system that lets users manipulate files by pointing to pictures (icons) with a mouse or other pointing device instead of having to type in key commands.
Gum Arabic:
In offset lithography, used in platemaking and on press to  desensitize the nonprinting areas of plates.
In platemaking, the process of applying a thin coating of gum to the nonprinting areas of a lithographic plate.
The blank space or inner margin from printing area to binding.
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