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Easter Egg:

A hidden "surprise" in a program or Web site, such as a message or an extra level in a computer game.
Edge Lift:
The tendency of the edge of a label to rise off the substrate. This condition occurs most frequently on small diameter curved substrates. Resistance to edge lift is dependent upon bond strength of the adhesive and flexibility of the face material.
EDP/Electronic Data Processing:

Data processing by electronic equipment. Pressure sensitive labels produced for imprinting on the equipment incorporate in-line hole punching. This product category encompasses all pinfeed fanfolded items produced by CDL.

Electronic Dot Generation:
(EDG) A method of producing halftones electronically on scanners and prepress systems.
Electronic Printing:
In digital printing, any technology that reproduces pages without the use of traditional ink, water or chemistry.  Also known as plateless printing.
Image transfer systems used in copiers to produce images using the use of traditional ink, water or chemistry.  Also known as plateless printing.
Electroplastic Plates:
Plates for high-speed laser printing using zinc oxide or organic photoconductors.
Electrostatic Printing:
See Laser Printing.
Duplicate relief plate used for letterpress printing.
Elliptical Dot:
In halftone photography, elongated dots that give improved gradation of tones, particularly in middle tones and vignettes.  Also called chain dots.
In composition, a unit of measurement exactly as wide and high as the point size being set.  So named because the letter "M" in early fonts was usually cast on a square body.
Electronic mail lets you send and recieve messages around the world via the Internet.  The system you use could be a large network like the Internet, a bulletin board, or a company's own network.
Embossed Finish:
Paper with a raised or depressed surface resembling wood, cloth, leather, or other pattern.
Impressing an image in relief to achieve a raised surface.
(Electomechanical Engraver) In gravure, machine used to make gravure printing cylinders.
Emulsion Side:
In photography, the side of the film coated with the silver halide emulsion.
In composition, one-half the width of an em.
A term  applied to a coated paper or to a coating material on a paper.
Encapsulated Coating:
Ink encapsulated in a material surface coating which can be activated by heat or pressure. See direct thermal printing, self-imaging liner or self-imaging piggyback.
English Finish:
A grade of book paper with a smoother, more uniform surface than machine finish.
The raised image on teh printed plate created by etching away the nonprinting areas.
(Encapsulated PostScript) In digital prepress, an altrenative picture file format that allows PostScript data to be stored and edited and is easy to transfer between Macintosh, MS_DOS and other systems.
In photoengraving, to produce an image on a plate by chemical or electroytic action.  In offset lithography, an acidified gum solution use to desensitize the nonprinting areas of the plate.  Also, an acid solution added to the fountain water to help keep nonprinting areas of the plate free from ink.
A local area network hardware standard capable of linking up to 1,024 nodes.
The step in photographic processes during which light produces the image on tht light-sensitive coating.
Expanded Type:
A type whose width is greater than normal.
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