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A trade acronym for coated one side.  C1S stock is typically card/cover weight.  It is commonly used for postcards and flyers.  The noncoated side makes writing easier.
(Computer Aided Drafting or Design) In graphics, the production of drawings and plans for architecture and engineering systems.  CADD systems are specialized workstations or high-performance personal computers that employ CADD software packages and input devices such as graphics tablets and scanners.  Also CAD.
Calender Rolls:
A set or stack of horizontal cast-iron rolls with polished ground surfaces at the end of a paper machine.  The paper is passed between the rolls to increase the smoothness and glass of its surface.
Setting equipment to a standard measure to produce reliable results.
The thickness of a sheet of paper or plastic measured in units of one thousandth of an inch. The measuring units are called mils or points.
Camera-Ready Art:
Black and white or color separated artwork supplied in its final form for printing preparation. Typically it requires no modification other than enlargement or reduction. Here at CDL we accept the art as traditional black and white, on disk, in film or even via modem.
Caps and Small Caps:
Two sizes of capital letters made in one size of type, commonly used in most roman type faces.
Carrier Width:
The measurement from left to right (the width) of the liner that the label is on. The total measurement from edge to edge of the backing sheet.
The backing for a pressure sensitive label.
In bookbinding, the covers of a hardbound book.
A term denoting a book bound with a stiff or hard cover.
Cast Coated:
Coated paper dried under pressure against a polished drum to produce a high-gloss enamel finish.
Catching Up:
In lithography, a term which indicates that the non-image areas of a press plate are starting to take ink or scum.
(Charged Coupled Device) In digital prepress, a semiconductor light-sensitive electronic device that emits an electrical signal proportional to the amount of light striking it.  Used in scanners and video cameras.
(Compact Disc Read Only Memory) In digital prepress, a high-end computer-based system that is used to color correct scanner images and assemble image elements into final pages.  They are device-dependent systems.
(Color Electronic Prepress System) In digital prepress, a high-end computer-based system that is used to color correct scanner images and assemble image elements into final pages.  They are device-dependent systems.
In printing, a term that refers to improper drying of ink.  Pigment dusts off because the wehicle has been absorbed too rapidly into the paper.
Chemical Drum Label:
A label of durable material (vinyl, polyester, kimdura) which resists adverse conditions associated with chemical drum containers.
Chemical Pulp:
In papermaking and platemaking, a term used to describe the composition of processing solutions.
In photography and platemaking, a term used to describe the composition of processing solutions.
Chokes and Spreads:
See trapping.
Clear Coat:
A coating that protects the printing and the surface of a pressure sensitive label from abrasion, sunlight, chemicals, moisture or any combination of these. Varnish and lacquers are examples of clear coats.
Clip Art:
Ready-made pieces of art.
Clipping Path:
In some applications, an outline created by drawing a path around an object to make a selection.
Color Bars:
On 4-color process proofs, samples of the colors used to print the image, showing the amount of ink used, the trapping and the relative densities across the press sheet.
Closed Loop System:
In printing, a completely automatic control system.
(Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) Subtractive primary colors.  Printing colors for four-color process color reproduction.  Black (K) is added to enhance color and contrast.
Coated Paper:
Paper having a surface coating that produces a smooth finish.  Surfaces vary from eggshell to glossy.
Coat Weight:
The amount of coating per unit area. This applies to the coating of adhesives and varnishes.
In platemaking, the light-sensitive polymer or mixture applied to a metal plate.  In printing, an emulsion, varnish or lacquer applied over a printed surface to protect it.
Cold Color:
In printing, a color with a bluish cast.
Cold Flow:
The flow of a pressure sensitive adhesive under stress. Same as Ooze and Adhesive Bleed.
In binding, the gathering of sheets or signatures.
A screenless printing process of the planographic ink-water type in which the plates are coated with bichromated gelatin, exposed to continuos-tone negatives, and printed on lithographic presses with special dampening.
Color Balance:
The correct combination of cyan, magenta and yellow to (1) reproduce a photograph without a color cast, (2) produce a neutral gray, or (3) reproduce the colors in the original scene or object.
Color Correction:
Any method such as masking, dot-etching, re-etching and scanning, used to improve color rendition.
Color Filter:
A sheet of dyed glass, gelatin or plastic, or dyed gelatin cemented between glass plates, used in photography to absorb certain colors and transmit others.  The filters used for color separation are red, green and blue (RGB).
An instrument for measuring color the way the eye sees color.
Color Keys:
Off-press overlay color proofs using 3M Color Key® materials.
Color Proofs:
See off-press proofs, progressive proofs.
Color Separation:
In photography, the process of separating color originals into the primary printing color components in negative or positive form using RGB filters.
Color Transparency:
A photographic image on transparent film used as artwork.  Commonly used formats are 35mm, 21/4, 4 x 5, and 8 x 10.
Commercial Register:
Color printing on which the misregister allowable is with in + or - one row of dots.
Comprehensive artwork used to present the general color and layout of a page.
Computer, Analog:
A computer that solves a mathematical problem by using analogs, like voltage or density, of the variables in the problem.
Computer, Digital:
A computer that processes information in discrete digital form.
Computer Imprintable Labels:
Labels with EDP coating, laser or thermal printing compatibility. 
Computerized Composition:
An all-inclusive term for the use of computers to automatically perform the functions of hyphenation, justification and page formatting.
Condensed Type:
A narrow or slender type face.
Process of subjecting material to specific temperature and humidity conditions for stipulated periods of time.
Ability of a pressure sensitive material to yield to the contours of a surface.
Contact Print:
A photographics print made from a negative or positive in contact with sensitized paper, film or printing plate.
Contact Screen:
A halftone screen on film having a dot structure of graded density, used in vacuum contact with the photographic film to produce halftones.
Continuous Label/Pinfeed Labels:
Labels manufactured from a continuous web of label stock which is not cut into unit prior to execution. Continuous labels are used for data processing applications.
Continuos Tone (CT):
An image that contains gradient tones from black to white.
The tonal gradiation between the highlights, middle tones and shadows in an original or reproduction.
Term for special information about an individual computer user that is stored ina file on a hard drive and usually accessed by a server when the user connects to a Web site.
Any furnished material (tyoewritten manuscript, pictures, artwork, computer files, etc.) to be used in the productions of printing.
In composition, the calculation of how much space a given amount of copy will take up in a given size and typeface.  Also, the adjusting of the type size to make it fit in a given amount of space.
Copy Preparation:
Directions for, and checking of, desired size and other details for illustrations, and the arrangement into proper position of various parts of the page to be photographed or electronically processed for reproduction.
The cardboard cylinder that thermal and other labels that are wound on. A core is also used to wind thermal transfer ribbons.
Cover Paper:
A term applied to a variety of papers used for the covers of catalogs, brochures, booklets, and similar pieces.
Off-press color proof using DuPont Cromalin materials.
To eliminate portions of the copy, usually on a photograph or plate, indicated on the original by cropmarks.
Cross Direction:
In paper, the direction across the grain.  Paper is weaker and more sensitive to changes in relative humidity in the cross direction that the grain direction.
Cross Web/Cross Direction:
The direction perpendicular to the machine direction or web direction.
See register marks.
A color reproduction that extends or spreads across two facing pages of a book or magazine.
(Computer-to-plate) Completely electronic system that digitally transfers your art directly from the computer to th eprinting plate for direct mounting on th epress, with out the use of film.
The tendency for labels to bend in the direction of paper grain. Curl is often caused by humidity.
In web printing, the cut or print length.
Custom Item:
Product that is not normally carried on a regular basis. Has to be specially made. Usually is an odd size, color or needs specific information printed on it.
In directing, a sharp-edged knife, usually several thousandths of an inch lower that the cutting rules in a die, made to cut part way into the paper or board for folding purposes.
Cylinder Gap:
In printing presses, the gap or space in the cylinders of a press where the mechanism for plate (or blanket), clamps and grippers (sheetfed) is housed.
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